Families newly settled in Turkey can easily find multilingual schools that provide highly successful education for their children. Even if your children do not speak Turkish, they can study in schools that provide education in their mother tongue. The international schools teach children Turkish and other languages at the same time, without any adaptation problems.

What are the Advantages of Istanbul International Schools?

First, living in Istanbul is an advantage in itself. In addition to being an investment, settlement, and residence center, Istanbul is also an excellent option for those looking for a safe and peaceful life. It is a multifaceted city born from the harmony of tradition, history, modernity, luxury, beautiful landscapes, and a magnificent variety of social life. Newcomers do not feel alone in this city that embraces every nation.

When we look at the subject from a financial point of view, the cost of living in Istanbul is more affordable than in many metropolitan cities in the world, without sacrificing quality.

Kids, School, Building, BagIn terms of education, the government has mandated cooperation between the Ministry of Education and foreign embassies to set up a school. Schools may serve the society of each nation in line with the ideals and principles of the Turkish government.

International schools in Istanbul provide education at all levels, starting from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, and high school. Class size is generally less than in public and private schools.

These schools ensure that students receive a quality education by keeping their motivation at the highest level with extracurricular activities and foreign language teaching.

Naturally, bilingual or multilingual education is essential for the adaptation of foreign students, and the language will play a significant role in choosing the right school for your child, depending on your nationality.

At least one new language is taught in all schools in Turkey, besides Turkish. Especially in the best private schools in Istanbul, this goes up to at least 3 or 4.

The English Language schools in Istanbul are so popular. But you'll also find German and French schools in Istanbul are also highly preferred recently.

You will also feel comfortable as schools offer a wide variety of side activities, such as swimming pools, football fields, gyms, computer labs, auditorium, dance and art studios, choir, cafeteria, and library.

The Accreditations of International Schools in Istanbul

There are 2 international accreditations in Turkey: international baccalaureate (IB) accreditation and the council of international schools accreditation (CIS).

Class, Students, Computer, Teacher, RoomInternational Baccalaureate (IB)

IB consists of four programs:

  • Primary Years Program: Children aged 3 to 12
  • Middle Years Program: Students aged 11 to 16
  • Diploma and Career-Related Program: Students aged 16 to 19

The aims of IB are:

  • To promote independent thinking in children
  • To teach children to take personal responsibility
  • To teach children another language to increase cultural awareness
  • Guiding children to obtain certificates for the world-class schools

The Council of International Schools Accreditation (CIS)

It is the largest association of international schools certifying primary and secondary education. There are 15 CIS accredited schools in Istanbul.

The aim of CIS is to provide children with the knowledge and skills necessary to lead their lives as global citizens and achieve high-quality international education standards.

The tuition fees for international schools in Turkey vary according to the curriculum and level of education. To give a rough number, it can vary between 12.000 TL and 750,000 TL.

The Best International Schools in Istanbul

The School NamePrimary Years Program (3 - 12 Years)Middle Years Program (11 - 16 Years)Diploma Program (16 - 19 Years)

Languages Classes

Offered by School

The British International SchoolEnglish, Turkish, German, Spanish, French
Istanbul American Schools (IAS)English, Turkish*
The Canadian Keystone International SchoolsEnglish, French, Turkish*
Elite International SchoolEnglish, Turkish*
Brights International SchoolEnglish, Turkish, Arabic
The Saudi School in Istanbul****
The Sudanese School in Istanbul****
Al-Jazari International SchoolsEnglish, Turkish, Arabic*
LWIS SchoolEnglish, Turkish, French, Arabic
Al Ihsan International SchoolEnglish, Turkish, Arabic
Milestone International SchoolEnglish, Turkish, Arabic
Al Safeer International SchoolsEnglish, Turkish, Arabic
Huda American Schools*
Al-Fanar Palestinian SchoolEnglish, Turkish, Arabic*
Lycée Pierre Loti d'IstanbulEnglish, Spanish, German, Turkish
Liceo ItalianoEnglish, Turkish, Italian*
Sankt Georgs-Kollegs IstanbulEnglish, Turkish, German*
Leader Russian International School in IstanbulEnglish, Turkish, Russian*
Tarabya British SchoolsEnglish, Turkish
MEF International School IstanbulEnglish, Turkish, French, Spanish

*There may be more languages/no information provided.

(Only a few of the schools are given in the list. More schools are available in Istanbul.)