Istanbul is Among the Top 10 Best European DestinationsIstanbul is chosen as the 10th best place to visit in Europe in 2022 in the competition partaking at the European Best Destinations’ website. 400 city was nominated at the competition and the 20 best places to travel in Europe were announced at

The European Best Destinations is a travel website established in 2009. The organization is supported by the European Commission and aims to encourage touristic interactions. EBD works in partnership with numerous tourism organizations and promotes tourism activities and traveling to Europe via media channels. Each year, EBD organizes a competition to announce that year's the best places in Europe to travel to.

Nearly 50.000 votes were taken in the competition. Participants from 77 countries have chosen the best European cities to visit in 2022. Ljubljana in Slovenia won 1st place while Marbella, the gorgeous Andalusian city of Spain take 2nd place in the competition.

Amiens in France become the 3rd best place to travel in Europe right now and followed by Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Leuven in Belgium, Oradea in Romania, London in the UK, Nijmegen in the Netherlands, and Lathi Region in Finland.

The authentic settlement of Cappadoccia was chosen as the 16th city to visit at last year’s competition. In 2022, Istanbul was the only contestant from Turkey and the megacity became the 10th best place in Europe to visit. The city's main highlights were determined as its deep-rooted historical background, well-preserved cultural heritage, delicious and traditional cuisine, and diverse cultural texture.

Where is Istanbul?

Istanbul is Among the Top 10 Best European DestinationsIstanbul is located in the northwestern part of Turkey, in the Marmara region. It is the biggest city in Turkey with a nearly 15 million population. Istanbul is the leading business and production center of Turkey. The city is mostly known for its deep-rooted historical background as a former Byzantine and Ottoman capital and the city still preserves its authentic atmosphere.

Istanbul stands out with gushing cultural heritages from 700-year-old mosques to the glorious Byzantine churches and cisterns. The city harmonically combines the variegation of divergent cultures.

The city was planned as a megapolis by its founder Constantine the Great. It seems like the reputed emperor achieved his goals because Istanbul is known as the megacity of Turkey, even today. Everyday life in Istanbul is full of surprises and the nightlife is colorful and vibrant. Istanbul is the Turkish city that never sleeps.

The city is one of the best places to visit in Europe in April. Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the picturesque Bosphorus views and the exotic atmosphere. Tasting the traditional local cuisine, walking through the local Ottoman bazaars are unique experiences you can try out in Istanbul.

Istanbul invites you to an unforgettable and remarkable journey in Turkey. For more information, visit our Area Guide and Life in Turkey pages.