When it comes to living in a metropolitan city like Istanbul, things that will make your life easier to become our saviour. We have compiled some useful mobile applications and websites for your ex-pat life in Turkey.


Go LocalGo Local

One of the frequently recommended applications for those who live in big cities like Istanbul is Go Local. Go Local offers a lot of useful information such as planned events, traffic jams, transportation schedules, opening times of businesses and guides for visiting local attractions and landmarks to users.

  XE Currency GooglePlay  XE Currency AppStore


Yourist is a specially designed guide application for foreigners coming to Istanbul. Almost every information you may need in your travel is provided with this application. Yourist, which you can think of like a travel guide and assistant, provides users symbolic places of Istanbul, traffic information, emergency contact information, walking routes, touristic places and many other useful things you may need.  Yourist GooglePlay  Yourist AppleStore

Maps Me

Maps Me is a map application that you can use offline. You can see accommodation places, shopping centres, health institutions, transportation stops, banks, ATMs, markets, schools, entertainment facilities, historical places and business centres in the region you have already downloaded even when you don’t have internet access.



One of the most common problems when changing the location from one country to another is money management. With this application, you can simultaneously follow the exchange rates, track your income and expenses, set reminders for your bills and see the total of your expenses.



XE Currency

XE Currency is a unit converter that has the most comprehensive list of units and currencies. You can monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice and customize your list to your priorities while you have the ability to set an alarm and receive notifications. You can also transfer money in 65 currencies to over 170 countries with this application.   

Google Translate

It will be a great convenience to have ideas about the local language when it comes to living in another country. Google Translate is a translation application that is maintaining its leadership in the World. With this application can be used for 103 languages, you can translate even long and complex sentences with voice, mutual dialogue, instant camera view and handwriting modes. 

                                                   Yourist GooglePlay  



Over 1000 products come to your door in 10 minutes with this application. You can order all market products you need from dealerships located in certain regions regardless of day and night. Getir app saves your time spent on grocery shopping with its secure and fast payment methods.  


Yemek Sepeti

Yemek Sepeti is a courier application that you can order any menu content you want from all contracted restaurants. Yemek Sepeti is the most prestigious online food ordering application offering fast and quality service also provides 24/7 online customer service. 



This application finds and directs the nearest taxi to you regardless of time and location. While waiting for your taxi during the time the application predicts you, you can see the driver’s name, picture and score and taxi plate. You can also choose one of the payment methods such as cash, credit card and debit card for your taxi. In addition, with the driver scoring system at the end of the journey, it ensures that you receive quality and safe service. 


Istanbul Eczane

Istanbul Eczane (Istanbul Pharmacy), which is a bit application offered by Istanbul metropolitan municipality, is an application that allows you to reach all the pharmacies near you. With this application, you can get detailed information and contact information of pharmacy you can choose on the map, create a route, list the pharmacies in your district and organize a panoramic tour into the pharmacies. 


With Trafi you can see the transportation options in your city comparatively and simultaneously, and you can access all of these features even without an internet connection. The application offers a chance to easily compare all transportation options, taking into account each of the efficiency, speed and price parameters.   


With the MobİETT application, you can reach public transportation data of any city in the world. You can learn instant public transportation information, bus location, line information passing through the stop, how many minutes after the bus will arrive, and how to go from one point to another by public transportation. Adding a favorite line, stop and location, setting alarms, travelling evaluation and 'Waiting at the stop' feature can be used. 


En Yakın ATM

It's now super easy to learn how to get to the nearest ATM or bank. With this application, you can reach ATMs and banks near you without the need for membership or password. You can also share the location of the bank or ATM that you choose and get very detailed information.

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest closed bazaar in the world, consists of 60 streets and 4000 stores in total. With this application, you can find specific stores within the bazaar as well as specific items and restaurants; also reach points such as ATMs, information desks and bathrooms without long searches.

StreetArt Istanbul

Do not miss any street art while walking on the streets with this application that provides offline map support. With StreetArt Istanbul, you can always be aware of the current street art pieces in Istanbul. It is also possible to learn artists who made works and the scores they received.


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