Turkey, a place that was home to the first famous shopping malls in the world as bazaars. While the daily practice of people evolved to the digital stage, the traditions are getting more practical uses. That’s why we created this guide for online shopping in Turkey.

Shopping was a time-requiring activity before. Now in our internet era, it became a secondary activity, a need. People now can order a pizza or their next wedding dress through their computers or mobile phones.

Shopping is now in our internet era, it became a secondary activity, a need.

With gained power of tradition from hundreds of years of experience, Turkish companies made comprehensive investments in the online shopping market. Also, the worldwide giant online shopping companies joined this vibrant market.

To start our guide, let’s start with the most famous online shopping companies in Turkey.

Best Online Shopping Websites in Turkey

While there are numerous online shopping websites and companies in Turkey, we listed only the most famous ones. Obviously, you may also find an individual online website if you are going to order doner from the restaurant in your street.

Amazon Türkiye

Amazon is clearly one of the most famous online shopping websites in the world. Amazon entered the Turkish online shopping market in September 2018. Then the website gained the interest of all shoppers living in Turkey.

Amazon in Türkiye is getting an average of 40 million visitors per month. There is a single reason behind it. Amazon offers exclusive discounts and special offers to its all customers.

Also, Amazon has a special subscription system called “Amazon Prime”. By subscribing to Amazon Prime you may benefit from a wide range of exclusive services:

  • You will get free and faster delivery in many cities when buying from many sellers.
  • Get next-day delivery for thousands of products.
  • Watch your favorite TV shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts for Prime members.
  • And many more advantages such as Prime Gaming

Sounds great, isn’t it? You may think that this subscription must be too expensive. No, it is not. Amazon Prime membership is only 7,90₺/month.

And it is not the end. Amazon offers more. As an international company, Amazon has hubs in different countries.

Thanks to the advantageous system, you may easily order from a shop in another Amazon country. This will allow you to shop on another country’s Amazon website from Turkey, without concern about customs and custom taxes.

In short, Amazon Türkiye is one of the wisest choices to do online shopping in Turkey. You will be able to choose between millions of products from all over the world. In addition to Turkish, you may use English, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, and many more languages while shopping online in Turkey with Amazon.


Getir is a company that offers delivery services for grocery items and courier services for restaurant deliveries.

Getir is a company that offers delivery services for grocery items and courier services for restaurant deliveries. You may get food delivery from your favorite restaurant or order snacks from the market.

After getting founded in 2015, Getir became widely famous in Turkey. Now Getir also serves in France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The services of Getir are divided into 6 in a single mobile app in Turkey:

  • Getir: It is the service to order groceries.
  • Getirfood: It is for ordering food from restaurants.
  • Getirmore: Same service as Getir, but more product options with little longer delivery times.
  • Getirwater: It is for ordering water with several size options.
  • Getirlocals: It is for shopping from local grocery shops.
  • Getirbitaksi: It is for calling a taxi.

In addition to a wide variety of services, Getir offers two payment options. You may pay with your credit card or you may pay on delivery. The practical system drew the interest of millions of users. The Getir app can be used in Turkish and English.


Interestingly, Yemeksepeti is one of the first examples of online food ordering. Yemeksepeti was founded in 2001. The company would be able to reach a thousand daily orders for the first time in 2004. But after the beginning of 2010s, the company had a great boom.

Until 2019, Yemeksepeti was only for ordering food. In 2019, Yemeksepeti Market opened for fast grocery shopping. In 2021, Yemeksepeti Mahalle service started for shopping from local shops.

You may use Yemeksepeti for ordering food and groceries from numerous options. The Yemeksepeti app can be used in Turkish and English. It is a great example of the best food delivery app in Turkey.


Trendyol is an e-commerce platform offering millions of options for products.

Trendyol is an e-commerce platform offering millions of options for products. While it was first launched mainly in clothing, today Trendyol has services in many fields. It is one of the top Turkish online marketplaces.

In addition to a wide variety of products, Trendyol now has food and grocery product delivery services. Trendyol can be also used as a Turkey food delivery app in need.

By statistics, Trendyol is the most used online shopping app in Turkey, with an average of 150 million visitors each month.

The Trendyol app can be used in Turkish, English, and German.


Çiçeksepeti is clearly the top retailer of flowers and gifts in Turkey. By using Çiçeksepeti, you may send flowers and gifts for their loved ones. While there are many options as a gift or flower, Çiçeksepeti also has a section called Extra for shopping for other products.

Çiçeksepeti mainly offers gift and flower delivery services by working with local florists. Çiçeksepeti is available only in Turkish for now.

Bonus: Akakçe

Akakçe is not an online shopping website or application. It is a price comparison website that allows you to find the best price for a product. Akakçe compares the website for selected products’ prices and gives you the best current prices.

While there are numerous more websites for online shopping, these are the most popular ones. In addition to other websites, nearly all of the famous brands have online shopping services in Turkey. Let’s look at other famous online shopping websites by categories:

Turkish Online Stores for Electronic Products:

Turkish Online Stores for Electronic Products

  • MediaMarkt
  • Vatan Bilgisayar
  • Teknosa

Online Market Services of Market Chains in Turkey:

  • Migros Hemen (Migros Online Market)
  • A101 Kapıda (A101 Online)
  • Cepte ŞOK (Şok Online)
  • CarrefourSA (CarrefourSa Online Market)

In addition to online shopping, to get more best apps to use in Turkey, you may also take a look at our blog on “15 Useful Applications for Expats in Istanbul”.

Online Shopping is Increasing in Turkey

According to the Consumer Insights Survey 2022 by PwC Turkey, online shopping is easier than physical shopping in Turkey. Especially among younger generations, online shopping is getting more popular.

Depending on the shopping category, between 6 and 9 consumers out of 10 are using online shopping. The survey shows that the most popular reason behind it is online shopping being cheaper. Also, the following reasons are wide product options and price comparison advantages.

With a supporting manner by the Turkish government, Turkey e-commerce usage is expected to increase in the future. In conclusion, the wider availability of online shopping is another example of some top reasons to live in Istanbul.

Cautions While Shopping Online in Turkey

Cautions While Shopping Online in Turkey

You will face numerous options for online shopping apps in Turkey. You must be cautious for your safety while shopping online. You may ensure your safety with simple steps;

  • Check the SSL Certificate
  • Ensure that the website or application has a privacy statement
  • Verify physical address and phone number
  • Check grammar and spelling mistakes on the website name
  • Use 3-D Secure for credit card payments
  • Check online reviews

Online shopping in Turkey is advantageous with fast delivery times, beneficial discounts, and exclusive services. There are more services available in metropolitan cities, such as Istanbul. Investors expect that the Turkey online shop market will be developed further.