Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) has published a newsletter regarding property sales in Turkey in the first three months of 2022. According to the TURKSTAT house sales statistics, the number of property sales has increased by 20,6% in March 2022 compared to that of the same month in the previous year with a total of 134.170 sales.

İstanbul maintains the lead in the rankings for house sales by provinces with 17,9% of the entire property sales to local and international buyers throughout Turkey. İstanbul is followed by Ankara with 9,4% and by İzmir with 6,0% in house sale statistics. The percentage of Turkish property sold to foreigners amounts to 4,1% of the total property sales.

International Demand for Istanbul Properties is on the RiseThe rankings for house sales to foreigners by provinces remain unchanged just like in the previous three years as İstanbul, Antalya, and Ankara take the top 3 positions with respectively 2.245, 1.434, and 347 property sales in March 2022. On the other hand, Iranians maintain the lead in the house sales to foreigners by nationalities rankings with 784 property purchases.

House sale statistics and trends are facing a slight decline in the international arena but the influence it left on the Turkish property market is positive rather than negative. This shift in property demand seems to be the result of Turkey’s charms and the advantageous real estate investment opportunities that it possesses.

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Source: Newsletter published by TURKSTAT