The "Air Transport Awards 2024" presented iGA Istanbul Airport with the "Airport of the Year" award. Istanbul Airport has won this prestigious prize four times in the last five years!

aır transportThe "Air Transport Awards" are the only international event that honors all major aviation categories and is one of the top aviation publications in the world. This year's "Airport of the Year" was given to Istanbul International Airport—4 times in total.

The prize was given to Selahattin Bilgen, the deputy CEO of Istanbul Airport, at the ceremony in Ekali, Greece. Istanbul Airport won this prestigious prize for the fourth time in a row, outperforming its global competition in 2021, 2022, and 2023.

The "Air Transport Awards" are awarded to people, organizations, and businesses that make contributions to the industry by Hermes - Air Transport Organization, ATN (Air Transport News), and ALA (America Latina Aeronoticias) annually. More than 4,000 readers and professionals in the aviation sector cast votes to choose the winners.

Acting CEO of iGA Istanbul Airport, Selahattin Bilgen, in his speech at the ceremony, stated: "We at iGA Istanbul Airport are incredibly grateful to have received this prestigious award for the fourth consecutive year. Being recognized as the Airport of the Year is a testimonial to the dedication and never-ending efforts of our entire team, who continuously strive for excellence in every facet of our airport's operations. To that end, we've set even more ambitious targets for 2024, this award reaffirms our sincere commitment to providing world-class services and we are honored to be acknowledged as the best in the industry.”

According to Air Transport News Director General and CEO, Dr Kostas Iastrou, "iGA Istanbul Airport has proven to be a resilient and innovative aviation hub despite all the challenges faced by the aviation industry since the Covid-19 pandemic. It has rapidly reached pre-pandemic figures in passenger numbers and has become a leading global hub by increasing airline diversity. This award is a reflection of the dedicated work of airport employees and the pleasant travel experience they strive to offer their guests."

Does developed transportation infrastructure increase the market value of real estate investments?

igaAbsolutely. If the transportation infrastructure in the city offers easy access to other countries and cities, real estate value will increase rapidly. It matters where the property is located within the city as well. Even having a bus stop in front of it might dramatically raise the price.

From a personal experience perspective, you will find that traveling becomes simpler and that you will eventually experience financial benefits. You save money on maintenance, parking, and gas. Value is also added by the extra time you save by not having to find parking and avoiding traffic.

Living in a city with an excellent airport, in particular, offers frequent travelers the advantage of easy access. You save time and effort by traveling less stressed and having less time waiting to catch planes. There will be no need for you to take a connecting flight. You will quickly get to your destination at a fair cost.

In a broader sense, airports are essential hubs that support local economies. They both provide great infrastructure and social amenities while also initiating their expansion in the surrounding area. They therefore make it possible to establish new markets. They open doors for international companies to enter the local market. In essence, this boosts employment prospects and advances the national economy.

igaA different kind of success is the tourism aspect. With direct and discounted flights to other countries, as a global getaway, İstanbul welcomes more visitors. Both local tourism and the country's reputation benefit enormously from this.

Coming back to investment, for example, buying real estate close to the airport takes advantage of the growing demand, rising property values, and expanding real estate caused by air travel, all of which contribute to profitable returns. These benefits come with the limited availability of land close to airports.

Additionally, renting out your home in a city with a high volume of tourists will be quite simple. Renting out your house for the short or long term will maximize your profit. Most people who invest in İstanbul go this path.

Being able to go to a location quickly appeals to many people. For this reason, many decide to locate their investment properties in İstanbul, which is located in the middle of the transit hub.

Source: iGA Istanbul Airport's Announcements