Welcome to Antalya Lara Office

We care about the comfort of our customers and give importance to time management. That’s why our offices are located in central areas for our customers who have limited time in our country. Our head office in Antalya is located on the main road in Lara, close to all amenities and public transportation points.

We can pick you up from your hotel and bring to our office for a presentation and easily drive you to the best-selected properties for a viewing tour.

Çağlayan Mah. Barınaklar Bulvarı 5/3, 07235, Antalya, Turkey
Antalya Lara/Turkey
Telephone: Email: Office Manager:
Selçuk Bilek
Manager Telephone:
Working Hours:
08:30-18:00 Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00 Saturday

Visit Our Office in Lara, Antalya

If you are looking for a property to buy in Antalya, please feel free to visit our Lara Office. Our office is located on Barınaklar Boulevard, close to Beyaz Dünya junction. Our office has easy access to public transportation. You may use the following transportation method to reach our office:

Bus: Get on 600, KL08, KL08G, LC07A, LC07, LF09, VL13, VML54, GM24, TL94, KL21, VML54A, and drop off at 11810 numbered bus stop. It takes a few minutes to reach our office from there.

Bus: Get on KC06, FL82, 800, VML55A, FL82, and drop off at 166 numbered bus stop. It takes a few minutes to reach our office from there.

Bayram Tekçe
Bayram Tekçe Chairman
Selçuk Bilek
Selçuk Bilek Office Manager
Mehmet Ali Tanrıyakul
Mehmet Ali Tanrıyakul Senior Agent
Michael Levent Gülmez
Michael Levent Gülmez Senior Agent
Anastasia Akay
Anastasia Akay Operations Manager
Anastasia Ocak
Anastasia Ocak Operations Supervisor
Asila Asil
Asila Asil Operations Supervisor
Nader Aljaberi
Nader Aljaberi Operations Supervisor
Tatiana Oğuzcan
Tatiana Oğuzcan Operations Supervisor
Ayşegül Ersin
Ayşegül Ersin Editor
Baran Yıldırım
Baran Yıldırım Editor
Gülay Avşar
Gülay Avşar Editor
Prenses çelik
Prenses Çelik Editor
İzzet Canbaş
İzzet Canbaş Accounting Supervisor
Gözde Ergün
Gözde Ergün Graphic Designer
Sevgi Mandal
Sevgi Mandal Secretary