Welcome to Istanbul Göztepe Office

We care about the comfort of our customers and give importance to time management. That’s why our offices are located in central areas for our customers who have limited time in our country. Our office is located between the main public transportation points and the construction areas. 

We can pick you up from your hotel and bring to our office for a presentation and easily drive you to the best-selected properties for a viewing tour.

Merdivenköy Mah. Nur Sok. Business Istanbul, A Blok No:1A/410 34732
Istanbul Göztepe/Turkey
Telephone: Email: Office Manager:
Ferdi İlik
Manager Telephone:
Working Hours:
08:30-18:00 Monday - Friday 10:00-15:00 Saturday

Visit Our Office in Göztepe, Kadıköy (Asia)

If you search to buy property in Istanbul, please note our location details. Our office in Göztepe, Kadıköy is located at E-5 highway, with close access to the Metro line, Marmaray, Metro-Bus, and public buses. You may use the following transportation methods to reach our office:

Bus: Get on 3A, 3B, 14BK, 14DK, 15BK, 16A, 16B, 16C, 16KH, 16M, 16S, 16U, 16Y, 16Z, 17K, 17P, 18A, 18E, 18K, 18M, 18Ü, 18V, 18Y, 19, 19A, A9B, 19E, 19FK, 19H, 19Z, 20E, 20Ü, 21B, 21C, 21G, 21K, 21U, 251, 252, 319, 320A, E-10, E-11; Drop off at 229681 coded IST.MEDENIYET.UNV. bus station, walk to Business Istanbul.

Metro-Bus: Get on 34AS, 34Z, 11T, 130, 130A, 130Ş, 139, 139A, 13M, 13Y or 14A; Drop off at Uzunçayır metro bus station, get again on the bus.

Metro: Get on M4; Drop off at Kadıköy-Kartal metro line or Göztepe metro station, walk to Business Istanbul.

Marmaray: Get on the Marmaray train; Drop off at Ayrılık Çeşmesi, after that you may get on the Tavşantepe M4 metro line and drop off att Göztepe station and you would take exit No 2.

Operation Supervisors
We are looking for a male and female Operation Supervisors to work in our Istanbul Göztepe and Cevizlibağ offices.
Real Estate Agent
We are looking for male and female Real Estate Agents to work in our Istanbul Göztepe and Cevizlibağ offices.
Istanbul Göztepe
Ali Evren Elçi
Ali Evren Elçi Country Manager
Levent Bektaş
Levent Bektaş Academy Manager
Ferdi İlik
Ferdi İlik Office Manager
Berk Yıldırım
Berk Yıldırım Agent
Bora ünsal
Bora Ünsal Agent
Deren Tekçe
Deren Tekçe Agent
Nazım Mert çikoğlu
Nazım Mert Çikoğlu Agent
Onur Arslan
Onur Arslan Agent
Serhat Ufakel
Serhat Ufakel Agent
Batuhan Türkmen
Batuhan Türkmen Operations Supervisor
Ali Garani Elçi
Ali Garani Elçi Portfolio Supervisor
Erdem Kara
Erdem Kara Portfolio Supervisor
Serdar Karakuş
Serdar Karakuş Accounting Supervisor
özgür İlik
Özgür İlik Technical Supervisor
özkan İlik
Özkan İlik Administrative Affairs Specialist