Apartments for Sale in Istanbul Bağcılar

Istanbul Homes offers all kinds of properties for sale in IstanbulBagcilar. Besides, you can buy modernly constructed apartments for sale through Istanbul Homes in Bağcılar district of Istanbul.

Why Apartments for Sale in Bağcılar?

Bağcılar is the third most densely populated district of megacity Istanbul. Bağcılar district is located on the European side of the city. Since the area has a huge capacity for new constructions, it has highly developed by getting migration from all over the country in the last fifteen years. Bağcılar is a very accessible district from all locations in Istanbul thanks to its location and developed public transportation network. Bağcılar district is located between two major highways; E5 and TEM. Trade and industry are the two main economic activities in Bağcılar. Besides, Bağcılar hosts the headquarters of important media and banking institutions.

Thanks to the urban transformation projects and landscape plans, today’s Bağcılar is a modernly designed district. Besides parks, cycle routes, malls, and other social amenities, there are several schools, medical institutions, markets, and local weekly bazaars that facilitate a comfortable daily life.

Apartments in Bağcılar for sale are in high demand due to the above factors and its large population. While some buyers prefer these flats in Istanbul Bağcılar for their family lives, some buyers purchase them for investment purposes. Good rental incomes and yearly value increase are the top reasons to buy an apartment in Istanbul Bağcılar for investors. Many buyers are interested in flats for sale in Istanbul Bağcılar as soon as they are advertised on our website, we get many viewing tour requests for each property in this location.

Bağcılar apartments for sale offer a modern life with the latest fashion designs and outstanding features. When buying a property in Istanbul, our team of local experts will make the property purchasing easy and smooth for you. You will save time and money due to our agents’ professional work. As the leading real estate agency in Turkey, Istanbul Homes offers %100 customer happiness. Besides, buying a property is always an investment even if the investment is not your main purpose. In this regard, our best price guarantee will make your investment more profitable since you will start making a profit at the time of purchasing.

Further Information

Istanbul Homes offers all kinds of properties for sale in Bağcılar; apartments, houses, commercial properties, and lands. Contact us now to get further information and arrange viewings.


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Spacious and Modern Apartments Near Subway in BagcilarNew apartments are situated in Bagcilar District and are close to public transport. The modern apartments reside in a residential project with features such as pools, sauna, fitness, and Turkish bath.
BAĞCILAR - ISTANBUL2+1, 3+1, 4+12
BASE PRICE3.100.000 TL48 Months installment
FROM176.700 EUR
Flats Close to Public Transport Routes in Istanbul BagcilarThe prestigious complex rich in social amenities offers a luxurious lifestyle. Flats for sale in Istanbul, Bagcilar that are ready to move in have easy access to public transportation.
BAĞCILAR - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+11, 2
FROM270.000 EUR
Ready to Move Apartments in Luxurious Complex in IstanbulApartments close to all daily and social amenities are designed with high-quality equipment. Apartments close to main road are located in a luxurious complex in Bagcilar.
FROM332.800 EUR
Sumptuous Apartments in Bagcilar Close to Major HighwaysSumptuous apartments are located in Bagcilar, Istanbul. The apartments are 10 min to Istoc Trade Center and 24 minutes to the new Istanbul Airport.
FROM336.500 EUR
Istanbul Properties 5 Minutes to Shopping Mall in BagcilarThe properties are located in Bagcilar, Istanbul. High-quality properties are 30 minutes to the International Istanbul Airport.
BAĞCILAR - ISTANBUL1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+11, 2
FROM359.900 EUR
Unique Architecture Flats in a Prime Location of BagcilarUnique design flats are situated in Bagcilar. Apartments are drawn attention with their proximity to important points like TEM, E-5 and Basin Express Roads.
FROM173.900 EUR
Comfortable Apartments on Basin Express Way in BagcilarApartments in Bagcilar are located at the intersection of the E-5 and TEM highway. The project offers hotel comfort with social amenities and a concierge service.
BASE PRICE4.030.000 TL
FROM229.700 EUR