Sarıyer is one of the best places to live in Istanbul, however, it’s best to learn more before deciding to move to Sarıyer. We have prepared a brief guide about the district for expats looking to relocate. You can find useful information on the best neighborhoods in Sarıyer for living below.

This guide also contains information about the places to visit, must-do activities, and advice for living like a local in Sariyer Istanbul. Keep reading if you’re thinking of visiting İstanbul for the first time or if you’ve already decided to settle in but can not make up your mind on which neighborhood to choose.

Benefits of Living in Istanbul Sariyer

The main benefits of living in Sarıyer can be summarized as a peaceful and posh lifestyle, clean air, mesmerizing sea and forest views, a wide range of amenities, and luxury housing options. The district offers its inhabitants ideal living conditions thanks to its advantageous location and developed structure.

sariyer-sea-boat-Things to Know Before Moving to Istanbul SariyerSarıyer is located on the northernmost point of İstanbul’s European side, along the coasts of the Black Sea and the Bosphorus. The northwestern part of Sarıyer’s coastline is home to some of the most popular beaches in İstanbul. On the other hand, the coastline on the Bosphorus accommodates the fanciest restaurants, cafes, and pubs in İstanbul.

Sarıyer is also the greenest area on the historical peninsula with many recreational areas, botanic gardens, as well as a forest. These green areas purify the air of the district and provide ample space for camping and enjoying other types of outdoor activities with your loved ones.

Despite being a less crowded place, Sarıyer offers all kinds of amenities. On top of that, Sarıyer provides easy access to all parts of the city and benefits from all of the advantages of living in Istanbul Turkey. For these reasons, it’s among the most popular locations for buying property in Istanbul.

Best Neighborhoods for Living in Sarıyer As an Expat

The best neighborhood for living in Sarıyer as an expat actually depends on each individual’s lifestyle. Just like many other districts in İstanbul, Sarıyer is an expat-friendly district. So, it’s best to choose a neighborhood depending on the needs and expectations of a residential area.

For people who want to live surrounded by beautiful greenery, the neighborhoods of Uskumruköy, Zekeriyaköy, and Bahçeköy are among the best options. Especially, detached houses and villas in Sariyer, Zekeriyakoy are among the most popular options for expats. These neighborhoods are considered the most livable places in Istanbul owing to their clean environment and beautiful nature.

On the other hand, the neighborhood of Emirgan offers a peaceful lifestyle in an environment close to both the beautiful green areas and the mesmerizing Bosphorus. For people who fancy a beachside lifestyle, the neighborhood of Kilyos, also known as Kumköy, is the best in İstanbul. On weekends during summer, many people from other districts in İstanbul come to the beaches in Kilyos for swimming.

On the other hand, the neighborhoods of Maslak and Sarıyer Merkez (center) are the commercial centers of the district. These neighborhoods accommodate many business centers, malls, stores, restaurants, cafes, pubs, cinemas, and many other entertainment options. These neighborhoods are the best for a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle.

Last but not least, we can not close this section without mentioning the neighborhood of Tarabya. The neighborhood is tucked between the Bosphorus and Atatürk City Forest. It’s one of the places you can find the most luxurious Istanbul real estate including seafront mansions and modern apartments with rich features.

Best Neighborhoods in Istanbul for Tourists to Visit

Sarıyer also has some of the best neighborhoods for tourists to visit. As the cultural center of Turkey, İstanbul has many must-see places for tourists. Some of these places reside in the Sarıyer district. Some of the must-see places in Sarıyer are as follows;

• Belgrad Forest: Belgrad Forest is the most cherished green area in İstanbul. The woodland spreading out more than 1300 acres serves as a camping and picnic ground. It’s also one of the favorite destinations of joggers and walkers with its 6.5 km long track.

ataturk-arboretum-Things to Know Before Moving to Istanbul Sariyer• Atatürk Arboretum: This lesser-known area is located just below the Belgrad Forest. It covers an area of more than 700 acres and features several ponds and walking trails. The botanical garden boasts a wide variety of trees and plants. Therefore, the activities you can do in this museum park are limited to preserve the plantation. It’s best for sightseeing, hiking, and photographing.

• Emirgan Korusu (Park): Emirgan Korusu is one of the largest recreational areas in the central areas of İstanbul. Although it’s beautiful throughout the year, Emirgan Korusu becomes a much more colorful place during the annual Tulip Festival with the plantation of thousands of tulips. You can have quality time with your family and loved ones while gazing at the scenery of the Bosphorus.

• Rumeli Hisarı Museum: Rumeli Hisarı is a medieval fortress that is built on the narrowest point of the strait. Its construction was ordered by Sultan Mehmet II (Fatih Sultan Mehmet) in the 15th century to facilitate the conquer of Constantinople. Today, Rumeli Hisarı Museum serves as a gateway to history and sometimes an open-air venue for concerts.

The towers of the fortress are among the top places to explore in İstanbul. They also present the best views of the Bosphorus.

• Rumeli Feneri: Rumeli Feneri is a historic lighthouse built in 1856. The still-in-use lighthouse is nearby a 17th-century fortress in a small fishing town. The historic lighthouse can be a good destination for a short peaceful excursion.

• Sadberk Hanım Museum: Sadberk Hanım Museum is the Turkey’s first private museum. It was opened in 1980 in a historic mansion situated on the Sarıyer coast dating back to the 19th century. The museum exhibits more than 20,000 pieces including archeological relics, artifacts of glass, metal, porcelain, and wood, embroideries, and more. In addition to the artifacts and relics, the library of the museum also sheds light on the history of the area.

There are many more places to see in Sarıyer apart from the ones mentioned above. So, it might be a good idea to get an apartment in Sariyer to explore these places more comfortably.

What to Do in Sariyer Istanbul and Living Like a Local

One of the frequently asked questions by expats living in Istanbul is what to do in Sarıyer Istanbul. As we’ve tried to explain briefly in the above section, there are many places to explore in Sarıyer, both historical and natural. So, the very first thing to do in Sarıyer must be to explore these places.

After that, you can participate in a wide variety of social and cultural activities. As the cultural capital of Turkey, İstanbul hosts countless events including concerts, festivals, exhibitions, stage plays, and even contests. And as one of the best places to live in Istanbul Turkey, Sarıyer also accommodates several cultural centers, venues, and halls for these events.

Trying out local dishes and having a fancy meal while facing the Bosphorus are some of the other things you should do in Sarıyer. Sarıyer accommodates some of the best places to taste Turkish cuisine. For instance, there are many places you can try out the extravagant traditional Turkish breakfast around Rumeli Hisarı and Emirgan Korusu.

sariyer-boregi-Things to Know Before Moving to Istanbul SariyerAlso, you should definitely taste Sarıyer Böreği. It’s a flaky pastry mainly filled with minced meat. Although you can find börek anywhere in Turkey, this type of börek made in Sarıyer is especially famous. Another option is seafood restaurants along the coast of Bosphorus. Since Sarıyer is one of the most elite areas in İstanbul, some of the restaurants here are owned by celebrities; hence are more pricey! So it may be best to check out prices before going in.

Another one of the frequently asked questions by expats living in Sariyer Istanbul is how to live like a local. The cost of living in Istanbul Turkey can be very high if you don’t know where to shop. For starters, avoiding tourist areas for daily needs is a good idea.

As we’ve mentioned before, the neighborhoods of Maslak and Sarıyer Merkez are the commercial centers of the district. Shopping from these neighborhoods would definitely help to save money. Also, there are many mobile apps and websites to compare prices and find what you just need without spending too much time or money.

Hopefully, this brief article has been helpful for you to get to know Sarıyer better. You can contact us without hesitation for further questions!