Yes, sustainable living in İstanbul is possible. İstanbul's participation in the EBRD Green Cities project in 2021 demonstrated a commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable practices at the international level.

Moreover, İstanbul established the first-ever worldwide environmental award called the "Istanbul Environmentally Friendly City Award". It is intended to advance sustainable development and enhance the environment and living standards in cities bordering the Mediterranean. This meaningful award was first presented in 2018 with the participation of all countries that are parties to the Barcelona Convention and border the Mediterranean.

The city government implements more and more policies and initiatives to promote green life in İstanbul in every aspect, such as transportation, waste management, and renewable energy.

The real estate sector in İstanbul is, of course, the most important one. This article will focus on İstanbul's eco-friendly apartments and explore the possibility of leading a truly eco-friendly lifestyle. Enjoy reading!

İstanbul embraces sustainable and eco-friendly housing

sustainable-ecofriendly-apartmentsİstanbul has witnessed a notable change in the real estate market toward eco-friendly and sustainable building techniques due to a rising awareness of environmental issues and a dedication to developing more sustainable living areas.

However, there was a need to determine a few criteria to see how environmentally friendly the buildings are, and important certifications like DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council), BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) were developed.

Buildings obtaining these certificates must typically fulfill some requirements to be rated green and eco-friendly. Certification requirements include reducing indoor and outdoor water use, improving energy efficiency, managing operational waste, ensuring maximum air quality, and regulating energy and water properly for each building. The origin and scope of each certificate differ, but all share a mission for a greener future and a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are the particular features of eco-friendly homes in İstanbul?

Reducing energy use, preserving water, reducing waste, and using ecologically friendly building materials are the key components of sustainable real estate in İstanbul, Turkey. Most new construction is planned to include solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and green roofs.

Building sustainably and designing a greener home also heavily depends on insulation. Improving your home's thermal performance will significantly cut costs and carbon footprint. It will also give you a healthier living space.

Further, the smart home technologies you hear about so much these days genuinely combine comfort and ecological responsibility in your house. For example, smart thermostats can control the temperature in your house and modify it according to your daily schedule. They may switch on the heat before you arrive home from work and switch it off while you are outside. Similarly, smart lighting can be set to follow your schedule or turn off lights you may have forgotten you left on.

Existing properties are also being retrofitted with eco-friendly features. They are being renovated with insulation and energy-efficient lighting to reduce energy consumption while improving indoor air quality.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly properties?

sustainable apartments in istanbulWe discussed above how beneficial eco-friendly and sustainable real estate is for our environment and future. On a more individual level, you will also benefit from lower expenses, more energy efficiency, and eventually less maintenance for your home.

But most importantly, it is beneficial to your health. Eco-materials exclude potentially dangerous finishes, chemicals, and contaminants that could affect your well-being. As a result, eco-materials are safer, and your family will live in a healthier home with improved indoor air quality.

From a financial standpoint, tenants and buyers alike are now drawn to environmentally friendly apartments. Compared to their non-green equivalents, they demand a significantly greater property value. That’s why an eco-friendly house now will put you ahead of the rest in the long run.

What eco-friendly options does İstanbul offer in our daily lives?

İstanbul has incorporated sustainable approaches into all aspects of everyday life. For example, Istanbul Airport, chosen as the year's best airport for the fourth time, expressed in its vision that it wants to be carbon neutral by the year 2050 and organizes numerous workshops and programs to create a greener future.

One of these programs is the waste management workshop held in 2023 at the iGA Istanbul Airport's waste disposal section during European Waste Management Week in collaboration with Singapore Airport.

At the event, Mr. Fırat Emsen, Chief Technical Officer of iGA Istanbul Airport said, “We are passionate about making the aviation industry more sustainable and improving the planet for future generations, and therefore, this waste management workshop in collaboration with Singapore Airlines is in perfect alignment with our core brand values.”

Green Istanbul is another significant project. The project focuses on afforestation, increasing the quantity of green space per person in the city, and improving the city's ability to adapt to the negative consequences of climate change.

ecofriendly apartmens in istanbulGreen Istanbul's 'Valley of Life' projects make sure that the valleys meet the sea and the trees meet the valleys. The projects prioritize the neighborhoods around Istanbul's streams to create green spaces where people can chill and interact. Tuzla and Golden Horn Coast Valleys of Life are just two examples of this stunning project.

Istanbul Wild, which is being carried out as part of this project, is concerned with taking the city as a whole, including its flora and animals, and assuring the sustainability of the city's ecology.

There are many more projects, but lastly, we should speak of The Istanbul Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). The plan will be the world's first SUMP in a megacity with a population of more than 16 million people, and the first project in this field in Türkiye. For a more sustainable future, the Plan establishes a human-centered transportation system, compatible with Istanbul's distinctive geography and historical values.

These projects in İstanbul make it easier for residents to live near nature and create a more eco-friendly future.

What are we doing for a more sustainable future?

Istanbul Homes ® is a branch office of TEKCE Real Estate, a leading real estate company operating in 5 countries. First of all, we find your dream homes. We bring you together with the houses, commercial properties, and lands you dream that will improve your living standards.

Additionally, we create eco-friendly real estate projects under our sub-brand, TEKCE Exclusive, such as Viva Altea in Spain, and Viva Defne and Neovilla projects in Antalya, another stunning city in Türkiye, to help you have a greener future.

We also integrate our environmentally friendly approach into our workplaces. Our Bodrum Office in Türkiye is the best example. It is designed with 39 400W monocrystalline solar panels, which helps to minimize the carbon footprint. You can learn more at Our Bodrum Office Have Now Eco-Friendly Features.

If you are looking for sustainable real estate and environment-friendly life in İstanbul, you can always call us and visit our offices.