A Plus (A+) offices are in demand as the new generation involves more in business life. The new generation does not think the workplace is only for work. They think workplaces must be combined with social life-providing areas.

That’s how A+ modern office spaces are becoming popular. In large cities such as Istanbul, it is always possible to find A Plus offices. Also, it is a good starting point for investing in commercial real estate in Istanbul and other large cities.

Now, let’s look at what is “A+ Office Space” and describe why it is important for current and future working eras.

What Is the Meaning of A+ Offices?

modern-smart-offices-A+officesA-Plus offices are luxury workplaces located in the business zones in the city centers. They are premium office spaces with many features starting from fitness and SPA services to rental and concierge services.

These high-end office spaces also have smart building technology. So, A+ Offices provide the best experience to the employees. Regular office spaces generally provide only the basic requirements for the continuation of work.

The A Plus offices are beneficial both for employees and employers. With more luxury office space, employees’ performance is increasing. They give more value to both their work and workplace.

The high demand for these offices is another reason for a good commercial investment. Demand always increases the price of the properties. If you are willing to do property investment in Istanbul, you will have high-profit potential. Check out our “Reasons to Invest in Istanbul Property” blog for more detailed information.

What Are the Features of A Plus Offices?

The biggest feature of A+ offices is exclusive areas. The new professional office spaces offer many amenities to employees. They also look more stylish with more modern designs.

Now, let’s list the main features of A+ and high-quality office spaces;

  • Prime location in business zones in the city centers
  • Smart building technology
  • Concierge and security services
  • Included amenities such as a bank office
  • Vehicle and helicopter rental service
  • SPA and fitness
  • Entertainment, hobby, and multipurpose rooms
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Cinema and TV rooms
  • Swimming pools
  • Daily amenities such as a hairdresser, shoe shining, and dry cleaning services

When choosing an A+ office space, companies should research well. They should consider how flexible is the design of the office. These offices provide lots of features. But offices must be flexible in terms of design for the future.

The cost of renting A+ office spaces depends on the features, capacity, and location. The bigger exclusive office spaces in prime locations cost typically more. Generally, companies look for long-term renting options to benefit most from leasing an A+ office.

A+ offices are mostly preferred and demanded by large companies. And they use these class A office spaces for their white-collar employees. Companies with digital and internet backgrounds use these luxury offices.

What Are the Latest Trends in A+ Office Design?

modern-smart-offices-A+officesThe latest trends in A plus office design are sustainability and rich features. Sustainability is not only important for offices. It is a new trend for all kinds of construction. Most class A offices are eco-friendly thanks to the sustainable designs. Rich features are also important to give employees more comfort.

For more productivity, some companies even use custom designs. They optimize their offices to create more balance in the features and workplaces in the offices. Also, the break times of the employees are also important in this matter.

The top-tier office spaces already come with some layouts. They create more balanced areas upon the completion of the construction. As it will be a fully furnished office space, the design must be thought carefully.

The new generation offices must be flexible office spaces to create more room for employees to cool down. It is essential, especially during the hard work times. Well-designed best office spaces like these always improve productivity.

Where Can I Find A+ Offices in Istanbul Turkey?

There are many A Plus offices in Istanbul. But, it can be hard to find an office in Istanbul individually. It is advised to work with a professional real estate company to find the next office for your business. Elite office spaces are all spread throughout the vibrant city of Istanbul.

If you are looking for corporate office space or commercial property in Istanbul, you will have many options. Istanbul is the economic capital city of Turkey. So, there are numerous opportunities.

If you are looking for an office to buy in Istanbul, contact us now to know the best office space options. Our team of experts will find you the best offices suitable for your needs.