As spring break starts, numerous people choose their destinations to travel to. While some people desire more tranquility, others prefer to be lost in the vibrancy. There are not too many places that combine both of them. The largest city in Turkey, Istanbul meets every desire and need with each aspect of its ideal for spring break travel.

When choosing Istanbul to have a short trip, the unthinkable joys unfold before our eyes, even starting from looking down the window of the plane. The magnificent silhouette of the city welcomes visitors in the beautiful season of spring. The journey starts from Istanbul Airport and goes through various attractions in any district in Istanbul.

houses next to the bosphorus sea with greeneryWhat is the Weather Like in Istanbul in Spring?

It is between mild and warm to shift the city into the best form. To enjoy Istanbul, the spring season provides the best climatic conditions. In spring, Istanbul always has sunny weather adorned with rare summer rains. Ideal weather to have a spring break in Istanbul.

Beyond comparison, Istanbul is one of the best places to visit during the spring season. Spring in Istanbul is the season of everything. You may walk down the historical streets, go to sandy beaches, or have a hike in the forests. Whatever you do, the perfect weather will accompany you in the spring in Istanbul Turkey.

Therefore, spring temperatures in Istanbul are at their finest. During the spring in Istanbul what to wear is also obvious. You may have thin clothes with rarely needed thin coats.

istanbul bosphorus with tulips and greeneryIstanbul’s Nature Wakes Up in Spring

The nature of Istanbul is undoubtedly unique. The numerous natural places in Istanbul are ideal for visiting and experiencing each of the 4 seasons. But one of them is clearly exclusive, spring. All of these are only one of the top 10 reasons to live in Istanbul.

Starting from the Belgrad Forest and national parks, each natural area in Istanbul wakes up and hails every single person in the city. Visiting Istanbul’s beauty in spring doesn’t have an equal match. The sea also becomes azure to reflect all magnificence of the city of Bosphorus.

After staring at the beautiful tulips nearly everywhere in the city, the next thing is choosing what to do. Because there are countless things to do in spring season in Istanbul.

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.” - Alphonse de Lamartine

Famous French writer Alphonse de Lamartine with his quote above was one of the first famous foreigners to live in Istanbul. While living in Istanbul, he was guided by the people assigned by the sultan. As you would not be able to find a sultan that can assign people to guide you anymore, you may take look at our guide to living in Istanbul as a foreigner.

houses surroundede with greenery with lakesWhat to Do in Istanbul in Spring?

You may attend festivals, go shopping, visit museums, swim, do water sports, and countless more. There are many things to do in Istanbul in spring. So, to categorize them better, we will divide them into two. The first one will be about modern activities. The second one will be more about historical places.

Modern Activities to Do in Istanbul in Summer

If you expect vibrancy before traveling to Istanbul, you will be happy. You will find countless things to do in Istanbul. There are numerous centers that will meet your expectations.

Let’s start with festivals in Istanbul. Within a wide variety, there are many festivals that can be attended in Istanbul in spring. The most popular ones are;

  • International Tulip Festival
  • Istanbul International Film Festival
  • Istanbul International Dance Festival
  • Hidirellez Festival

While some of these festivals’ dates vary, they generally take place in the spring season.

In spring, Istanbul has more to offer. As sports have a big role in Turkish society, there are numerous sports activities you can attend. Especially if you are a football fan, you will be feeling like in paradise. As nearly in every country, the Turkish football league ends in the spring season. So, you may watch these exciting games.

We also have good news for tennis lovers. The biggest international tennis organization in Turkey, TEB BNP Paribas Istanbul Cup takes place in April every year.

Istanbul is considered the largest city in Europe. So, it has to be offering more right? Excluding mentioned annual festivals and activities, there are countless individual activities to do in Istanbul.

You may go to concerts, watch movies, and attend individual spring events in Istanbul. Within the wide scope of both indoor and outdoor activities in Istanbul, you will be not bored.

palace in greenery and flowersHistorical Places in Istanbul to See in Spring

Istanbul can be considered the historical capital of the world. Many civilizations lived in this city and left iconic buildings. While most of the historical buildings are from the Ottoman era, there are various places from the Byzantine period. These are considered the best spring activities in Istanbul.

If you are willing to have a historical experience, you must see these places;

  • Hagia Sophia Mosque
  • Basilica Cistern
  • Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
  • Galata Tower
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Rumeli Fortress
  • The Maiden’s Tower
  • Haydarpasa Railway Station
  • Dolmabahce Mosque
  • Khedive's Palace
  • Topkapi Palace

These places will take you on a tour of the important history of the city. You will be touching the historical texture of thousand years.

Nature parks, local cuisine, outdoor activities, and historical sites. All-inclusive Istanbul offers you a unique experience of both a modern and historical city.

Spending times in these places and events are not enough for foreigners. Statistics show that foreign investments in the Istanbul real estate market are increasing. Also, real estate prices are still more affordable than in most European capitals. In addition to being one of the exclusive spring break destinations, Istanbul takes place among the best investment areas.

Demand for Istanbul Real Estate Market is Increasing in Spring

Statistics show that demand for real estate in Istanbul is increasing during the spring season. This real estate market trend in Istanbul is continuing every year. The best areas to buy property in Istanbul draw the attention of numerous investors. Who can say no to a home in a real estate project with an amazing golden horn view?

In Istanbul, the best season for property sales was spring. According to the data announced by TUIK, nearly in all other months, sales were on ten thousand. In the spring months, property sales were more than twenty thousand.

2022 Istanbul Real Estate Statistics by Months
MonthTotal Number of Property Sales in Istanbul

If you are willing to buy property in Istanbul, the spring season is the best. You may have your next house or commercial property with Istanbul Homes, with the easiest processes. If you are in the decision stage, you should take a look at the best places to live in Istanbul. In this blog, you may also find the best areas to invest in Istanbul.

You may also contact us anytime to discover profitable opportunities in the Istanbul property market.