Direct flights from Pakistan international airports to İstanbul have restarted. İstanbul has always been one of the best places to stay in the whole world and one of the favorite destinations of Pakistanis. For this reason, recommencing of direct flights to İstanbul from Pakistan was highly awaited.

plane flying top of the istanbul with view of bosphorusThe widely awaited news came on October 8, 2022. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced that it would recommence its İstanbul operations starting from November 14 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Turkey-Pakistan relations.

Pakistan’s flag carrier airline schedules 6 flights weekly from two Pakistan airports in Islamabad and Lahore. According to the schedule, an aircraft will depart for 4 times a week from Islamabad and for twice a week from Lahore to Istanbul airports. The first plane departed from Lahore and landed at Istanbul International Airport (IGA) on November 14th.

The airline has decided to utilize Boeing 777 type aircraft for its direct flights to Istanbul. This means nearly 150,000 passengers will arrive at the airports in Istanbul from Pakistan yearly.

Direct Flights Are Expected to Increase the Attention of Pakistanis to İstanbul

İstanbul airport with passengers walking byRecommencing direct flights is expected to increase the number of Pakistanis that want to buy property in Istanbul as it’s going to facilitate traveling to their home country and back to İstanbul again. As one of the most charming cities and cultural centers in the world, İstanbul has always attracted the attention of tourists and holidaymakers coming from Pakistan and all around the world.

Its rich history, diverse cultural background, magnificent Bosphorus, and plentiful entertainment options make İstanbul one of the most wondered cities. Some of the people who come to visit the beauties of İstanbul are drawn in by its comfortable and posh lifestyle and decide to stay for longer periods or to settle in permanently.

Since more people will be able to visit İstanbul with the restart of direct flights, we anticipate that more Pakistanis will purchase property in İstanbul as a second residence or a holiday home.