If you live in İstanbul and need a quick break from your hectic work schedule, there are many locations we can recommend. These locations are near the sea, far from the bustle of the city, and close enough to be reached quickly by car or local transportation.

Why should you buy an apartment in İstanbul for holiday purposes?

brıdgeLet's first explore why you should buy a second home in İstanbul for holiday trips. Starting, iGA İstanbul Airport makes it possible to travel anywhere in the country and beyond in just a few hours; however, this may not be the best choice if your goal is only to spend a day or two away from home. The destinations listed below are easily accessible by car or bus in a short time.

You can spend your weekend without taking extended vacations if you own a summer home in the city where you work.

Holiday expenses will constantly climb in every region of the world. Having your own holiday home in İstanbul, Turkey can save you significant money compared to renting a house or making hotel reservations. Your vacation becomes profitable rather than a financial expense.

If you worry that you will be bored of visiting the same area for vacation every year, you can pay for new routes by renting the home for a day, a week, or a year while not using them. Additionally, as it is nearby, you can easily check the state of your home after renting.

Purchasing İstanbul real estate for a second home is a wise decision, even if you only plan to use it as a vacation home. Over time, the region's value will rise, and your real estate will naturally generate an apparent profit.

The Best Region to Buy a Vacation Apartment in İstanbul

The following regions are ideal for both investment and relaxing vacations. They are near major attractions in İstanbul and are also well-known for their reasonably priced real estate.

The Prince Islands

ıslandThe Prince Islands are the only spot where you will feel like you are both extremely close and very far away from İstanbul. There are nine islands in all. Particularly during the summer, local and foreign tourists adore Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada, Sedefada, and Kınalıada for their natural beauty and historical charm. On the remaining Sivriada, Yassıada, Kaşık Island, and Tavşan Island, there is no regular or permanent settlement. The islands remind us of historic İstanbul neighborhoods with distinctive architecture, houses, and mansions.

Ferry and motorboat services from Kadıköy, Kabataş, and Bostancı offer frequent transportation to the islands. There is a maximum of one hour of travel time.

The number of people living on the Islands rises throughout the summer, along with the number of transportation trips and departure locations. Still, there are a sizable number of people who would rather live in the area year-round. This implies that you have easy access to the social amenities and activities you need.

In island life, there are no cars, buses, metro buses, or taxis that you get tired of seeing every day. Instead, you can wake up to the sound of ferry whistles and seagulls, a serene and hopeful start to the day. The sea is only one step away.

The Prince Islands real estate selection provides a wide range of alternative housing options, including apartments, garden-style detached homes, duplex villas, waterfront homes, and so on.


sıleLocated around 70 km from İstanbul, Şile is a popular destination for those looking for holiday villas in İstanbul, Turkey. There are many summer houses in Şile, located in forests near the sea.

Şile has a low population density and is notable for its wealth of greenery. That’s why it is a popular destination year-round.

Both cars and public transportation are options for visiting Şile. The Northern Marmara highway makes it simple to get there.

The district offers many different social amenities and numerous tourist destinations. For example, the Şile Lighthouse is a landmark and is among the most used lighthouses in the world. You can see the Bosphorus from here, especially when it is lit up in the evening. It is frequently visited since it has many antique objects.

Another well-liked attraction is Şile Castle and the 150-year-old historical wooden houses. Kavala Park provides a close-up view of the district's breathtaking natural beauty. The park is filled with restaurants, cafes, and observation decks. The area is also the preferred choice of many İstanbul residents for weekend walks and runs.

Akçakese Beach is among the first beaches that come to mind. It is a free public beach. For those who like to camp and swim, this is the place to go. There are camping bathrooms and toilets in the area.

Villas in Şile with vast gardens and pools are the most popular home options. They allow you to be close to İstanbul while enjoying a calm holiday.


Silivri is a neighborhood in İstanbul that draws people in for its vibrant social scene and plenty of cultural offerings, in addition to its natural beauty and historical significance. It is around 70 km from İstanbul.

The district holds many festivals centered around culture, art, music, and food all year round. Its parks, fitness centers, and sports facilities give locals lots of opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle. There are also events like yoga sessions, running clubs, and sports tournaments.

The region is home to numerous historical sites, including churches, mosques, bridges, and fountains. It is nearly difficult to become bored here, to put it briefly.

Silivri's most popular attractions are the beaches. Social amenities are nearby, and the beaches are sandy. Families with children also like here because the sea is shallow.

Silivri real estate offers many options, but its Bungolav-style villas make it particularly special. They usually sit in the compounds with a wealth of amenities. Due to the spacious gardens and contemporary features, this villa type has drawn tourists' attention lately.


kılyosKumköy is another name for Kilyos, a natural wonder where İstanbulites can take a break without ever leaving the city. Kilyos's name comes from the Greek words for Bosphorus and sand combined. This lovely neighborhood on the Black Sea coast, once known as a fishing village, is now well-known for its beaches. It is on the European side of İstanbul.

Transportation options are available to get to Kilyos, which takes around an hour.

Due to their greenery, the forests in the area—which see a high volume of local tourists throughout the summer—also draw notice.

Kilyos' beaches are its most notable feature. There are numerous beaches there, both free and paid. In summer, the paid ones host lots of parties and other occasions.

Here, like in any vacation area, Kumköy villas are usual. Numerous villa compounds are available. The majority offer easy access to the sea.


polenezkoyPolonezköy is about 25 km from İstanbul. The forests offer a view of every shade of green, which sets this location apart. A few other reasons to pick this amazing location are its boutique hotels and restaurants in the countryside. In addition to offering delicious and freshly made breakfasts, Polonezköy is home to historical sites, including Czestochowa's Mother Mary Church.

The Polonezköy Cherry Festival is held annually on the first and second weekends of June. Concerts by Polish folklore groups and recitals take place in the village church's garden.

The properties for sale in Polonezköy stand out for its lush landscapes. Here, you may breathe clean air near the natural world, where elegant designs also have a place.


rıvaRiva, located one hour from İstanbul, has a connection to Beykoz. Riva, also called Çayağzı, was a summer destination for people of the Asian Side and Beykoz, whose popularity started to grow in the 1970s.

In the 2000s, the region entered a rapid construction process and became a center of attraction with the successive projects of many famous construction companies. One of the destinations for people wishing to escape İstanbul is Riva, a serene town with lots of trees, a Black Sea beach, and bustling streets on the weekends.

Riva's features and environment are similar to Polonezköy as both are in the same region, Beykoz. However, Riva is determined by its sea.


Yalıköy is a coastal region of Çatalca. It is 2 hours away from İstanbul. Situated on the Black Sea beachfront, Yalıköy, formerly known as Podima, offers a tranquil and mostly waveless beach.

Yalıköy is known as a popular pirate destination in earlier times, but it is additionally well-known for its sand. Sand from the coast, commonly known as "Podima stone," is utilized in the making of glass.

Moreover, the podima stones were used to decorate old İstanbul gardens and homes. On the shore, there is also an old pier that was part of the Şişe Cam facilities, but it is not in use right now.

In terms of municipality, Yalıköy has seen a lot of investment. Both summer and winter living is possible here.



zekerıyakoyConnected to Sarıyer, Zekeriyaköy is a little higher-income area. It is quickly becoming a vital part of İstanbul as well as a transportation hub, as it is located on the route of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge and İstanbul Airport. Its sporting facilities, dining options, and relaxing beaches draw crowds and raise Sarıyer's overall worth.

The most striking aspect is that according to the 2023 World Air Quality Report, Arıköy, located in this region, has one of the cleanest air in Türkiye. In Zekeriyaköy, you can live peacefully for 12 months thanks to the air and vegetation.

In the Zekeriyaköy real estate selection, there are housing alternatives suitable for every budget, such as villas, detached houses, attic or garden duplexes.

If you are planning to buy a summer house in İstanbul, you can call İstanbul Homes real estate consultants at any time or visit our closest real estate office in İstanbul to find the best one for you.